Our Story

Lately the world has been in chaos. People having to flee their homes, different cultures fighting to the death, money hungry beings degrading others left and right. Sometimes it can feel as if this behavior is insurmountable or unavoidable. Every where you turn, there is negativity knocking. But what if we could change that? Becoming mindful from the inside out? The Loving Thread concept comes from the idea of being able to wear LOVE; showing little reminders that we are all human. ONE. Just as music brings people together, the clothing created in The Loving Thread does the same. 

The Loving Thread wanted to be able to create and share pieces that would shine against evil and release a little light into the lives of humanity.

Join our efforts and help make this world a better place.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


The Loving Thread will soon be launching a donation program where a percentage of sales will be donated to partnered non-profit organizations that work hard to shift the balance from evil to good in this life and for future generations to come.

Join the movement: hello@thelovingthread.com